Welcome to Wild Rose Strawberry Farm

There are no strawberries this year. We got our plants to late for the best planting and so they did not develop in the fall.  Unfortunately that set us up for total crop failure. The deer also found our patch last year and brought all their friends this year. The tall fence that we have was not enough to stop them and they also added to the crop failure.  We would really have liked to see everyone again this year.  So sorry we can’t fill your cars up with tasty red strawberries.   

Pictures Of Our Farm

  • Strawberry Stand

    Growing Strawberries

    Strawberry Buckets

  • Berries On A Plant

    Strawberry Rows

    Strawberry Plants


Prices & Payment

We accept checks and cash.

Baskets are $5.00 picked.

Flats are $33.00 picked.

U-pick is $2.75 per pound.

Call us at: 918-785-2212.


Crop Update

No berries this year.   

Berry Tips

Don’t tell the deer where the berries are and plant early!!